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Hi, now that we have had time to settle into our amazing new home swimming pool at Hyde, we would like to ask for any support you can help with on a weekly basis.

As you will see when you arrive, we have a small window of time after active Tameside finish in the pool and we need to start our sessions. I am sure it will not be lost on anyone that the most time-consuming element of the setup is to get the turning boards and lane ropes ready.

We already have our fantastic team of Marlins volunteers and parents who get there a bit earlier to help but really need more as some weeks we only have 1 or 2 helping and that impacts in us overrunning and eating into session times.

Could you spare 10-15mins helping set-up a week and join our already great team of volunteers?

Don’t worry, you won’t be asked to fill any forms in or provide a commitment all of the time but if you can help and spare 10mins before you leave then that would be greatly appreciated, which will ensure we can get our swimmers starting on time.

You will see some of our volunteers setting up so please just ask what you can do to help, the more the merrier!

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any swimming club, without them there would be no club or competitions. We have a great team of volunteers, helping in all areas of the club. Committee, coaches, welfare/child protection officers and admin/support.

We’re always looking for skills to strengthen the team. There are many roles you can get involved with and if you believe you can support in any way, then please reach out and let us know.

Any time you can provide is welcome and you can give as much as you can spare. The more volunteers we have the lighter the workload for everyone.

Thank you for all the support you already give us.

Marlins team.

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